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Hair Waxing in Abilene, TX Hair Parlor

If you’re looking for a local skin waxing specialist who can help you achieve a smooth and lovely look to your face, consider face waxing services at the Hair Parlor. This type of service is perfect for removing unwanted hair from all over your face – including the eyebrows, chins, and upper lip. And because it’s such an extensive service, it’s also ideal if you have areas that are particularly difficult to reach or are prone to excessive hair growth.

Eyebrow waxing is especially popular because it gives clients the appearance of fuller brows without having to fill them in with Eyebrow Gel or cosmetics afterwards. Chin Waxing removes unwanted hair on the sides and front of your chin, which makes them look thinner and cleaner-looking. Finally, lip waxing helps remove pesky hair growth from around your lips – giving them a smoother appearance.